2017 is underway and Out Door Fun times are ahead!

The Stonelique Company
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Spring into the season with The Stonelique Company! We've got a lot going on this year!  Follow us on Facebook!


The 3rd Raffle is still underway!  As of 3/27/2017, We have only 7 Tickets!

Second Winner was Announced October 22 at the Kaufman Scarecrow Festival!  Kesa Giles

First Winner was Announced April 16th at the Terrell Jubillee! Matt Erwin

Next Winner is ??????

New Raffle!  Only 25 Tickets will be sold!  Here's your chance to win a BRAND NEW, HAND MADE, ROCKING CHAIR from our RIVETED LINE!  This beautiful piece is made from 1/2" COLD ROLLED ROUND BAR FOR THE BOTTOM AND 3/8" COLD ROLLED ROUND FOR THE TOP.  The backing and the seating is BUCK RIVETED GALVANIZED DIPPED STEEL MESH.  This piece may be something you think you've seen before, but this rocking chair is SOMETHING DIFFERENT!  Buy your tickets here! When the 25th ticket is sold, we'll hold the drawing and post the live footage! The winner will be notified via email/phone.  The transportation of the ROCKING CHAIR will be the winners responsibility!  GOOD LUCK! 


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